XJ Critical Path Long Arm Upgrade

XJ Critical Path Long Arm Upgrade
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    Weight: 110.00 pounds
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    NOW HIGHER CLEARANCE AND BETTER TIRE CLEARANCE! We use an exclusive, non-binding, 3 link setup that has a pair of front long arms that will flex more than you thought possible. You WILL NOT bend these long arms as they are made from 5/16" wall DOM tubing. The bushings at the unibody are greaseable super-flex joints that pivot to give as much suspension travel as your shocks will allow. We combine that with factory style rubber bushings at the axle for superior road noise and vibrationdampening. As always, this kit is 100% bolt on! NO WELDING and only minor drilling is required for installation. No adjustment is necessary in any part except for our unique caster adjustment bracket that allows 7.5° of adjustability; plenty for any lift height from 4-8"!!

    Why Fixed Length?
    1. Strength - With 2" x 5/16" wall DOM straight into the bushing tube, there are NO weak points on these control arms. The Iron Y is gusseted with 1/4" laser cut steel gusset for additional support.No threaded rod to rust, bend, mangle on rocks, or worse yet wear out and clunk!
    2. Control Arm/Axle Position - We have designed these arms tobe the ideal length for your XJ for any lift between 4" and 8". Imagine you add our long arm upgrade to your 6" lift kit. Now 6 months later you want to go to 8" of lift.The axle will only be pulled back less than 1/4"! Remember,the arc that our ideal length long arm travels is always the same, meaningyour tire will center perfectly in the wheel well on compressionno matter what height lift you are running.
    3. Easiest Install - You can't get it wrong. You don't have to match your control arms or worry about setting theright length because that is done for you.
    4. SAVES YOU MONEY!!! - It costs us less to build so the savingsget passed to you.
      Kit Includes:
    • 1 Passenger side lower control arm.
    • 1 Iron-Y radius arm that connects to the upper and lower axle mounts.
    • 3 piece high clearance, steel subframe assembly with built in optional transfer case drop
    • All required hardware.
    • Installation instructions

    Still want adjustable length? Yes, they are available here. Click the checkbox above to add thatoption to your order.

    HERE'S A QUOTE FROM AN EMAIL WE RECEIVED REGARDING THISKIT, "I have gotten so many compliments on how much this kit flexes, I have already had numerous flex competitions with friends with rubicon express and their flex does not even compare. Thanks again!" Q.M. Murieta,