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Anatomy of an Iron Y

Because there is some skepticism about the performance of our long arm system because it is different than anything else commercially available, we would like to provide the facts for you and let you decide for yourself. The Iron-Y is a unique and constantly evolving long arm system that is feature packed and just plain works. Our long arm systems are designed with ride comfort and off road capability/durability in mind. Each of these systems utilizes an Iron Y link as the driver's side control arm and a passenger's side link that has the upper link eliminated. This system allows a full range of articulation without the binding effect of a double y link setup.

Here are the benefits of the Iron Y setup:
Bushing combination for ride comfort and capability. The axle end of the long arms receive factory style, compressed rubber bushings to absorb noise and vibration, while the frame mount side receives a ball-in-socket flex end that allows free-running flex from side to side without binding.
2" x 5/16" wall D.O.M. tubing is used on the lower arms for ultimate strength. This material's high tensile strength makes it highly resistant to bending and breaking. In fact, we have never heard of a failure and don't anticipate that we ever will. Our special control arm warranty covers these arms from bending or breaking, even under abuse!
1.625" x .120 wall D.O.M. tubing is used on the Iron Y upper link's and fully welded to a 1/4" thick gusset plate to make the upper and lower links one, solid arm.
Caster adjustment is so easy. Our Iron Y caster adjuster bracket is by far the easiest and fastest way to make an infinite number of caster changes within a 7.5° range. The conjunction of our proprietary, over the arm bracket, with the Iron Y upper link bracket makes what used to be a chore, now a simple task.
Pinion clearance. We have seen problems with our competition's y-links hitting the pinion yoke or driveshaft at the pinion. All of our arms have been designed to have plenty of clearance in any axle position. This photo is looking from the back of the front axle along the top of the Iron Y. You can see with the inboard tire clearance bend on the main tube, we needed to create more space between the upper link and the driveshaft. The slight bend is all you need to clear in all situations.
We eliminated jam nuts! Annoying and hard to keep tight; jam nuts just had to go. Each adjustable long arm now receives a weld in insert that provides all the clamping force needed to hold your arms solid and keep them from clunking. The threaded inserts start as 2" solid cold rolled steel bar. They are precisely CNC machined to accept our standard 1.25" threaded male adjusting end with 2 socket head cap screw pockets that are used as the clamping mechanism. The best feature of this system is that it will prevent thread clunks in your long arms!! Where jam nuts loosen and clunk, this clamping system will not! Even if your control arm does torque hard enough to twist in the threads, the clamp remains tight so no clunking can happen. If the same situation happened with a jam nut, the nut loosens up and you have nothing holding the control arm threads tight, hence, it clunks right away. Additionally, jam nuts have to be installed "bubba tight" to be effective. If you don't have the ability to do this, the jam nuts will just keep loosening over and over. This will cause the threads to deteriorate over time and cause more and more clunking, to the point where it will be impossible to stop the noise. This problem is addressed and solved with our unique clamping system.
Options abound! Whether you're looking for ease of install, ultimate adjustability, or best ground clearance, there is an option for you. You may want to clear 39" tires on your ZJ. Who says you can't do that with an off the shelf suspension? Ask us how!
Put the Iron Y to the test in your rig. We certainly have put them to the test on some of the most difficult and demanding terrain possible.