Hack N' Tap SYE w/ Custom Driveshaft

Hack N' Tap SYE w/ Custom Driveshaft
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    Weight: 25.00 pounds
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    NOTE: You will receive the SYE first, install the Hack N' Tap and then call us with your driveshaft length.

  • Do you want to run 4.5" of lift or more on your Cherokee?
  • Does your lifted Cherokee have a vibration during accelerating or when driving at highway speeds?
  • Do you need a slip yoke eliminator to ensure vibration free highway driving?
  • Do you hate transfer case drops because they solve vibrations, but rob ground clearance?
  • Do you want to add 1" more ground clearance under the belly of your Jeep where you need it most?
  • Did your lift kit come with plastic transfer case drop spacers and you're a little nervous about that?
  • Do you just hate slip yokes? I mean really, what was Jeep thinking?
  • Are you on a tight budget? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then once again Iron Rock Off Road has the perfect solution for you: our hack-n-tap slip yoke eliminator kit for your Jeep. We have put together a budget friendly solution to your driveline vibrations. With this kit, we provide a new yoke for your transfer case, mounting hardware, and step by step installation instructions. Installation takes only 1-2 hours and does not require opening your transfer case.

    Your friends may tell you that this solution isn't as strong as a heavy duty slip yoke eliminator kit with a new 32 spline output shaft. This is true; our hack-n-tap kit retains the stock 27 spline output shaft, however people have been wheeling very successfully on the stock 27 spline output shaft for many years. Of course if you want the the heavy duty version check it out here, but if you want a budget friendly permanent solution click "add to basket" and we'll ship one out to you right away. You know you want one!! Get rid of that clearance robbing t-case drop and having nothing standing in the way of lifting your Jeep as tall as you want to.

    Why do you need this kit?
    1. Cures driveline vibration caused by lifting a Cherokee 3" or more.
    2. Allows you to remove your transfer case drop, gaining you 1" of ground clearance or more, right under the belly of the beast where you need it most! This also moves your transfer case further away from the rocks and allows you to raise your t-case skid plate (if equipped).
    3. Great for running a lower lift heights to avoid dropping your transfer case.
    4. Wow, it's so inexpensive!
    5. Great for tall lift kits where a transfer case drop just isn't enough.
    6. Installation is easy compared to kits that include a new output shaft.
    7. It just plain works great!
    8. You can use another XJ front driveshaft with this yoke! That means your front and rear driveshafts will be identical!
    Kit includes:
    • 1310 CV transfer case yoke
    • Made to order custom double cardan driveshaft
    • Installation hardware
    • Detailed installation instructions
    • All 96 and newer XJ Jeep Cherokee's and 95 and older XJ's when using the seal flange (sold separately as an option above)
      *231 transfer cases with the 3 hole mounting seal housing will need the seal flange soldas an option above. This is typically found on older 231 cases (generally pre-1996). If you are not sure, please look at the back of your transfer case before ordering. If you are still unsure after looking, please call us.
      older style
      Older style - the seal flange is needed
      with this style (must have 3 hole rear
      newer style
      Newer style - seal flange not needed
      with this style.

    • ZJ and WJ Grand Cherokee 242 transfer cases
      Verify your 242 case has the 27 spline output shaft. These applicationswill require a custom length driveshaft. Please call us for details.
    • ZJ and WJ Grand Cherokee 247/249 transfer cases
      These applications use a case hardened output shaft in thetransfer case. This can make it difficult to drill and tap successfully without the proper equipment. A custom length driveshaft will be required for this application as well.
    • Fits vehicles that have the AX-5/AX-15 manual trans. Acustom shaft could be necessary in these vehicles.

    • Cutting, drilling, and tapping required. 3/8-16 hand tap, 1/4" and 5/16" drill bits required. The transfer case output shaft is case hardened, so be sure to cut off the entire pilot hole (or you will need a carbidedrill bit).
    • WHAT DRIVESHAFT TO USE: This kit is designed to use afactory front Jeep Cherokee driveshaft. A factory XJ front shaft can befound at your local salvage yard for only $15-45! If you don't have a local salvage/junk/U-pull-it yard, another great resourceis www.car-part.com. Iron RockOff Road also sells this kit with the option of adding a brand new custom heavy duty driveshaft. This option can be found in the dropdown list at the top of this product page.
    • XJ's with over 6.5" lift may require a custom driveshaft. To be certain, you must measure per the instructions. If youare not sure if this will work on your Jeep, please measureper the instructions before ordering.

    How do I get the right driveshaft?
    1. Plan ahead. Because a SYE typically needs a custom driveshaft, think about another mode of transportation while your custom shaft is being built and shipped to you.
    2. Install your suspension lift first.
    3. Install your slip yoke eliminator next.
    4. Make pinion angle adjustments until you are close to proper geometry for CV driveshaft.
    5. Measure from center of u-joint at the transfer case yoke to center of u-joint at the pinion yoke. The following illustration shows the arrows pointing to the flat mounting surface on each yoke from where it's easiest to measure:
    6. Call IRO (or your preferred driveshaft supplier) with the length you measured accurate to within 1/8" inch.
    7. Double cardan driveshafts can be purchased at many different retailers. Iron Rock Off Road does fulfill custom driveshaft orders all the time and the typical turn-around time is 7-14 business days.
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