WJ 6.5" Critical Path Long Arm Lift Kit

WJ 6.5" Critical Path Long Arm Lift Kit
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    Weight: 219.00 pounds
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    Want the most your WJ can offer with the best long arm kit on the market? You can have it all with our Critical Path Long Arm Kit! You will not believe the performance gains for yourself until you get on your favorite trail where you didn't have the traction available to get through. Imagine a 34" Super Swamper 6 or 8 inches below the rocker panel* at full suspension droop as your suspension melts to the trail! Yes, your WJ can become a very, VERY capable trail rig with this kit.

    Your family wants to go with you? Perfect! Your highway ride will be a dream come true with this kit. The long front control arms keep the suspension geometry much closer to stock for an impressively smooth ride at 4 or 6.5 inches of lift. Longer, heavy duty rear lower control arms also take the jarring effect out of potholes and normal highway bumps.

    We use an exclusive, non-binding, 3 link setup that has a pair of front long arms that will flex more than you thought possible. The bushings at the unibody are greasable and pivot to allow as much suspension travel as the long arms will allow. We combine it with heavy duty rear lower control arms that are built to withstand whatever you can dish out. Iron Rock Off Road knows your WJ is an investment so we designed our kit with that in mind. What this means is, as always, this kit is 100% bolt on! NO WELDING OR CUTTING* and only minor drilling is required for installation. No adjustment is necessary in any part except for our unique caster adjustment bracket that allows 5 degrees of adjustability, giving you the easiest installation of any long arm kit available! All you have to do is center the steering wheel after installation. If that's not enough, you don't even have to remove your front lower control arm mounts from the unibody! That means you can always return your WJ to stock form (not that you would ever want to!)

    The question that has you all wondering right now is, "Why did they make a front only long arm kit for a WJ?" The answer is we did it for several reasons.
    1. We wanted to offer a long arm kit to the public that could be affordable and appealing to the growing group of off road enthusiasts wheeling their WJ's.
    2. Our test shave shown dramatically increased wheeling prowess with this kit installed, even without a rear long arm. The XJ crowd has known for a long time that "front only" long arm kits allow them traction that would never be possible otherwise.....and that's with leaf springs in the rear!
    3. Jeep did a great job designing your WJ's rear suspension. There is little to no natural binding with the A-Arm setup you have. This means exceptional rear suspension travel without the long arm.
    Front driveshaft conversion to a u-joint style is necessary if you have the Saginaw, ball-in-socket style at the transfer case.

    NOTE:If you choose the high clearance option for the front long arms, you will have to cut your factory lower control arm brackets on the uniframe side.

    *Will clear 285-75-16 (32.8 x 11.2 x 16) tires on 16x8 wheels with 4" backspacing with minor trimming of the front bumper cover. Will clear 265-75-16 (31.6 x 10.43 x 16) on 16x8 wheels with 4" backspacing with no trimming, even with the sway bar disconnected.

    Kit Includes:
    • Set of 4 new coil springs (6.5" Lift)
    • Set of 4 new premium hydro shocks
    • Set of 4 new extended sway bar links (2 front, 2 rear)
    • Heavy duty track bar
    • A-arm spacer
    • Complete front long arm package (passenger long arm and driver Iron-Y)
    • Heavy duty front long arm brackets
    • Heavy duty rear lower control arms
    • Transfer case drop kit
    • Coil spring retainers
    • Front brake line spacers
    • Caster adjuster bracket
    • All necessary hardware
    • Detailed installation instructions
    *With optional DT8000 shock upgrade

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