YJ Dana 30 Inner Axle Sleeve Kit

YJ Dana 30 Inner Axle Sleeve Kit
    Code: 10778
    Weight: 12.00 pounds
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    Improve the strength of your Dana 30 so it holds up to the abuse you intend to put it through. These internal sleeves are an excellent way to produce huge strength improvement without a huge price tag.

      Kit Features
    • 2" x 1/4" wall D.O.M. tubing
    • Machined outer surface for a nice, tight fit
    • Adds tons of strength to the front axle tubes.
    • No loss of ground clearance
    • Less chance of the housing twisting

    A Dana 30 axle tube is 2.5" x 1/4" wall. While the material itself is strong, the way we use our vehicles can compromise that strength.Our Inner Axle Sleeve Kit doubles the thickness of your Dana 30 tubes to a full 1/2"!! Now thats a tube that you can have confidence in.

    Available now for XJ, ZJ, TJ, YJ, MJ, WJ and JK!!

    Axle "C" trusses are now available to compliment this smart strength upgrade.

    Welding is required for installation of this kit. Axles with central axle disconnect require modification for this kit to be compatible.