ZJ Critical Path Long Arm Upgrade (Front)

ZJ Critical Path Long Arm Upgrade (Front)
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    Weight: 84.00 pounds
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    The paramount suspension upgrade for your ZJ is a long arm system. Our Critical Path system offers unrivaled performance,giving your Jeep both the capability and ride quality improvements that you have been looking for. These are the same high quality components we sell with our Premium Long Arm Kit, available here in upgrade form.

    • 5/16" thick wall D.O.M. lower control arm material
    • 1/4" thick Iron-Y gusset plate
    • 1/4" thick, 3 piece, subframe assembly
    • Huge tire clearance with inboard control arm bends
    • Best ground clearance available with super high clearance longarm subframe mounts
    • Innovative 3 link long arm system does not bind
    • 7° caster adjustment available our exclusive UCA bracket
    • Easy to install without welding, only simple drilling is required!!!

    Adjustable length is available upon request for an additional $100. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the adjustable version as they are built to order.

    We will need to know if you have the 2 hole or the 4 hole transmission mount in order to get you the correct subframe. See the photos here for reference:
    2 hole
    2 hole subframe
    4 hole
    4 hole subframe

    IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: It is becoming quite common to swap a High Pinion Dana 30 from an XJ Cherokee into the ZJ to improve both driveshaft angles and strength. If you have swapped, or plan on doing this swap at the time you are installing your long arms, you will need to let us know. The reason for this is because the XJ and ZJ front axles DO NOT have the same mounting positions for the control arms. The ZJ long arms WILL bolt up to the XJ axle, but you will not have a desirable range of caster adjustment. Therefore, the ideal solution is to use the XJ long arms when you are also using the XJ High Pinion Dana 30 axle. Check the appropriate box above to tell us that you will need the XJ arms.