Budget to Baller Jeep JL Lift

The components installed under your Jeep JL Wrangler will determine the level of performance, safety and reliability of the vehicle, including whether the vehicle can handle rock crawling or a multi-week overlanding adventure. You may already realize that the factory suspension installed in your JL Wrangler is not sufficient to get the results you want. Whether you are on a strict budget or you are ready to take the plunge into ultimate performance, IRO has Jeep JL lift kits that get the job done.

Owners of Jeep Wranglers can rely on the wide array of components we offer for serious performance and reliability for both two-door and four-door vehicles. This includes our growing selection of JL suspension lift kits that deliver you more smiles per mile as you Go Beyond Boundaries.

Jeep JL Lift Kits

The suspension lift kits we offer for the Wrangler JL give you the perfect lift required to deliver the strength you need for rock crawling adventures while keep your vehicle legal on the street. You get the height and clearance you need with our 3-inch lift kits to fit your new larger tires along with an easy installation.

The Benchmark and Premium series lift kits give you choices on how to set up your Wrangler JL. You will have all the adjustment flexibility you need to modify your vehicle for your specific adventures. All IRO’s JL suspension kits are configurable and upgradeable to fit any budget.

The Foundation series of Jeep JL lifts kits deliver outstanding performance, enabling a powerful off-roading experience that includes a great feeling ride as a daily driver too.

Your Premier Source for Jeep JL Lift Kits and More

We are your reliable source for JL Jeep Wrangler components. Our team is here to guide you in with your selection to help ensure you get exactly what you need to improve your vehicle’s off-road performance.

To learn more about the JL Rock-Link, Benchmark, Premium, and Foundation series lift kits we offer, and how they can maximize your off-road adventures and maintain safety, call us today at 952.210.7185 or send us a message through our contact form.