How Do I Choose a Lift Kit for My Jeep Wrangler?

There are multiple reasons why you may want to lift your Jeep Wrangler – from aesthetic to functional reasons. Regardless of whether you want to improve your look on the road or enhance your vehicle’s off-road readiness, there are various factors to consider. At Iron Rock Off Road, we offer Jeep Wrangler lift kits, including the JLU lift kit and JT lift kit, to fulfill your goal of upgrading and improving your ride.

What are Lift Kits?

The lift kit options available to consumers include two major categories. These are: body lifts which elevate the body from the frame (these are all but extinct for the modern jeep platforms), enabling the use of bigger tires; and suspension lifts which raise the frame and all attached to it further off the ground, significantly increasing ground clearance.

Dedicated Wheeler or Multi-Use Jeep Wrangler

Many people use their Jeep Wranglers for a combination of purposes that include daily commuting, off-roading, and possibly some towing. For many, it is advantageous to add some of the enhanced handling characteristics offered by lift kits, such the JT lift kit or JLU lift kit.

If you have a dedicated wheeler for off-road purposes, you can focus more on enhancing your Jeep Wrangler with taller lifts and suspension adjustments than if you need your vehicle for on-road capability much of the time.

Your Budget

Budget is many Jeepers’ primary deciding factor in lift kit selection. One consideration is whether you will have to hire someone to install your kit. Also, how will the addition of the best JKU lift kit or other lift kit contribute to potential maintenance and repair costs down the line.

Make sure you can afford the lift kit and any other modifications you intend to make to your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator. You can always make modifications gradually. However, it is important to know how those upgrades will affect your ride quality and performance. Our expert staff is ready to help you build the Jeep of your dreams.

For more information about the various lift kit options we offer at Iron Rock Off Road, and how they can improve your vehicle’s performance, safety, and appearance, give us a call today at 952.210.7185 or leave us a message through our contact form.