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CODE: 81083 1 Ton 7 Degree Tapered Reamer

1 Ton 7 Degree Tapered Reamer
Purchase 1 Ton 7 Degree Tapered Reamer
  • CODE: 81083 1 Ton 7 Degree Tapered Reamer

  • $83.59

This is a true 1 ton tapered reamer. This tool is made specifically for all 1 ton tie rod ends and matches the GM taper found on the popular ES2026, ES2027 tie rod ends. Commonly called 7 degree, it measures 7.15 degrees or 1.5 inch per foot. Use this to open up your 1/2" small taper on your XJ, TJ, ZJ, WJ, knuckles for large, 1 ton tie rod ends, or use this to ream your JK knuckle to do a drag link flip.


  • Made of High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • 7.15 degree taper (1.5 inch per foot)
  • 1/2" shank with three flats for a no slip fit in your drill or drill press
  • 1.25” long shank
  • 7/16” diameter on the small end
  • 1” diameter on the large end
  • 5 cutting flutes
  • 4-3/8” flute length

NOTE: Use very slow RPM on your drill and use plenty of oil when using this tool. The reamer can easily be used in a hand drill, but be sure to keep the drill straight and perpendicular while drilling. Check tie rod end fitment frequently and stop reaming just before “perfect” fitment. Do not spin the reamer backwards, it will dull the cutting edges.

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