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CODE: XD-14480 Aussie Locker / JK Dana 44 Rear Next Generation Differentials

Aussie Locker / JK Dana 44 Rear Next Generation Differentials
Purchase Aussie Locker / JK Dana 44 Rear Next Generation Differentials
  • CODE: XD-14480 Aussie Locker / JK Dana 44 Rear Next Generation Differentials

  • $339.99


2007-2016 Jeep JK - Manual Transmission 
2007-2011 Jeep JK - Automatic Transmission

Note: If you have Re-Geared your JK and have a new Carrier, use Aussie Locker Part Number XD-14430.  Not recommended for JK's with a manual transmission 2017 and newer, or those with an Auto transmission 2012 and newer due to Jeep's traction control system in those models.  IF you are swapping JK axles into an older model vehicle without the modern traction control systems (XJ, TJ, ZJ, WJ, etc), this locker IS compatible in those applications.

The Aussie Locker XD-14480 is the most advanced "traction added" Automatic Precision Locker in the world today. Specifically designed for off-highway enthusiasts and wheelers the Aussie Locker has been proven world wide from the Outback of Australia to Moab, Utah. Our engineers make every effort to ensure that the models listed on our web page are accurate. However, due to vehicle manufacturers differential options, using available inventory, prior owners of a vehicle changing models it is the customers responsibility to confirm that the model Aussie Locker they order fits their differential' All Aussie Lockers are designed for installation in an open differential. The Aussie Locker will not work in posi or limited slip carriers. Every conceivable environment has been thrown at the locker by development engineers and customers and the Aussie Locker gets them where they want to go, every time. The Aussie Locker is the result of attention to detail not previously seen in the industry. Special steel alloys for maximum durability and long life, proprietary manufacturing processes, unique heat treatment procedures and 100% quality audits with electronic microscopes result in every locker providing unmatched reliability and performance.

No air lines to leak, break or compressors to fail, no cables to fray, no electric wires to break, the Aussie Locker gets you where you want to go, with maximum traction performance. You get 100% traction performance rather than 40-60% with a posi or LSD. And with the unique construction and manufacturing process the Aussie Locker delivers this 100% traction year after year after year. No degradation over time like some other products out there. And the Aussie Locker can be installed by the weekend mechanic. If you can install a set of brakes you can install your Aussie Locker without any specials tools or training. The No-Nonsense Two Year Limited Warranty has no restrictions on tire size or horsepower. The Aussie Locker is designed to hold up whatever you throw at them, time after time.

Note: This item may ship directly from the product’s manufacturers warehouse.

Estimated Installation Time: 3-4hrs

Difficulty Level: 

Difficulty Legend

1 - Kit includes basic components.

2 - Kit includes little to no adjustable components.

3 - Kit includes many adjustable components; may require drilling/cutting.

4 - Kit includes many adjustable components; requires welding; may require drilling/cutting.

NOTE - Labor Time and Difficulty Level assumes vehicle and/or hardware is in good condition.

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