Custom Length Double Cardan Driveshaft

Custom Length Double Cardan Driveshaft
    Code: FDSX
    Weight: 25.00 pounds
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    Need a custom length driveshaft, than this is the solution. This kit comes with everything you need to replace your factory u-joint style driveshaft. Our driveshaft's are made to order. If your driveshaft length is an in between size pick the next size larger. If a custom size you need isn't here be sure to give us a call.

    Kit includes: New complete double cardan C.V. driveshaft (custom lengths available)

    How do I get the right driveshaft?
    1. Plan ahead. Because a SYE typically needs a custom driveshaft, think about another mode of transportation while your custom shaft is being built and shipped to you.
    2. Install your suspension lift first.
    3. Install your slip yoke eliminator next.
    4. Make pinion angle adjustments until you are close to proper geometry for CV driveshaft.
    5. Measure from center of u-joint at the transfer case yoke to center of u-joint at the pinion yoke. The following illustration shows the arrows pointing to the flat mounting surface on each yoke from where it's easiest to measure:
    6. Call IRO (or your preferred driveshaft supplier) with the length you measured accurate to within 1/8" inch.
    7. Double cardan driveshafts can be purchased at many different retailers. Iron Rock Off Road does fulfill custom driveshaft orders all the time and the typical turn-around time is 14-21 business days.
    8. Tom Woods custom driveshafts ship next day once order is issued.