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CODE: 10139 Iron Air Compressor Kit

Iron Air Compressor Kit
Purchase Iron Air Compressor Kit
  • CODE: 10139 Iron Air Compressor Kit

  • $513.24

This air compressor will fill tires faster that any Viair, faster than the Quick Air 1, 2 or 3, and faster than the Extremeaire!

Output:3.4 CFM at 40psi and3.0 CFM at 90psi
Dimensions:18" long X 6" wide X 15" tall
Weight: 28lbs

It has a built in 1.5 gallon tank with pressure switch, unloader valve, regulator and 2 pressure gauges pre-installed. It automatically shuts off at 135 psi, and turns back on at 100 psi. Capable of running a 1/2" impact wrench with very little catch-up time. Even without the air tank, this compressor is faster than it's competition and it only draws 30 amps. Fan cooled, 100% duty cycle, extremely quiet one horsepower motor. 

Accessory Kit Includes 
  • Compact and extremely flexible re-enforced polyurethane air hose
  • 2 quick disconnects(on the compressor and on the hose)
  • Clip on hands free tire inflating (or deflating) chuck
  • Rubber tipped blow gun
  • 5-50 psi tire gauge
  • Enough polyurethane tubing to connect to the unloader valve to allow drainage outside of your rig
  • Wiring
  • 40 amp self resetting circuit breaker
  • 40/60 Amp relay with harness
  • 25 feet red 10 gauge wire
  • 5 feet black 10 gauge wire
  • 9 ring terminals
  • 1 spade terminal
  • 1 butt connector
  • 1 wire tap
  • 15 feet 20 gauge wire
  • Heat shrink tubing for all connections
  • Self drilling screws for mounting the compressor
  • Thread sealing tape

Everything you need to install and use the compressor. All components are top quality name brand components tried and true on the trail and in the shop. You'll be happy with this kit, guaranteed! All this for less than our closest competitors compressor alone. Look to get more for your money. That's the Iron Rock way.

Detailed Installation Instructions

Estimated Installation Time: 3-5hrs

Difficulty Level: 2

Difficulty Legend

1 - Kit includes basic components.

2 - Kit includes little to no adjustable components.

3 - Kit includes many adjustable components; may require drilling/cutting.

4 - Kit includes many adjustable components; requires welding; may require drilling/cutting.

NOTE - Labor Time and Difficulty Level assumes vehicle and/or hardware is in good condition.

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