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CODE: 13465 JK/JL Rear Bump Stop Extension

JK/JL Rear Bump Stop Extension
Purchase JK/JL Rear Bump Stop Extension
  • CODE: 13465 JK/JL Rear Bump Stop Extension

  • $65.51

This kit will allow you to choose your bump stop extension from 2-4" of additional bump stop to reduce the risk of damaging your tires or fenders from getting damaged under full suspension compression.  

Detailed Installation Instructions

How to choose the length:

Actual lift height:
It is very important that you do not use the manufacturers advertised lift height for any calculations. Always use a hub to fender measurement with the vehicle loaded the way it is typically used. If you usually carry tools and spare parts, have them in the vehicle when you measure. Also fuel weighs about 8lbs per gallon so measure with a full tank for bump stop purposes. Hub to fender measurement is measured from the center of the tire/wheel vertically to the bottom of the fender or fender flare. Measure on flat ground and measure all 4 corners because they always vary from side to side. Average the left and right measurements but keep the front and rear measurements separate.

What is your goal?

OEM up travel:
If you just want OEM suspension up travel then extend your bump stops by your actual lift height (see hub to fender measurement procedure above).

Extra up travel:
If you want a little bit of extra up travel then extend your bump stops by a little less than your lift height. For example, for a 4" actual lift height extend the bump stops 3.5", or whatever you think is best for you. We think 1/2" additional up travel is great for general use.

Maximum tire clearance:
If you are looking for maximum tire clearance then use an RTI ramp, trail obstacle, or other method to cycle the suspension. You must have your lift kit and tire combination in place to use this method. Simply cycle your suspension to the maximum travel you want to allow (remember to cycle your steering lock to lock). Then measure from the middle of your bump stop to the bump stop pad. This is the amount to extend your bump stops. Remember to consider the worst-case scenario. For example, going downhill will push harder on the front bump stops, or as one tire droops more the other tire stuffs more even after contact with the bump stop (because of the location of the bump stops). So, you may want to add 1/2" or more to your measurement or be sure you measure using worst case scenario. We do not recommend extending bump stops more than your actual lift height (again, see hub to fender measurement procedure above).

Jeep JK Bump Stop Extensions

Let’s be honest, Jeeps are toys for big kids. Build it how you want it and who cares what anyone else says. Bigger tires are often the first upgrade a new JK owner wants to do. After researching a bit, you often find that a suspension lift is going to be needed to clear the bigger tires tires on the street. If you continue your research into what is needed to keep the tires from rubbing on the fenders while off road you will find that Jeep JK Bump Stop Extensions are a great solution.

Why Jeep JK Bump Stop Extensions

The design of the JK front bump stop extensions is for the purpose of stopping the upwards travel of your front axle. Why? The OEM bumpstops are not long enough to prevent your tires from rubbing on your fenders. Jeep JK rear bump stop extensions will allow you to run larger tires and still take it off road without ripping your rear fender flares off.

Setting your Jeep up for Success

Equipping your Jeep with the right bump stops will mean that you can enjoy an off-road trip without fear of damaging tire interference. When you need to ensure your suspension is flexy but set up appropriately so that you can safely run larger tires, call Iron Rock Off Road to discuss your needs. Give us a call on 952-210-7185 or 877-919-5337, or if you’d prefer we can be reached by email on

Estimated Installation Time: 2hrs

Difficulty Level: 1

Difficulty Legend

1 - Kit includes basic components.

2 - Kit includes little to no adjustable components.

3 - Kit includes many adjustable components; may require drilling/cutting.

4 - Kit includes many adjustable components; requires welding; may require drilling/cutting.

NOTE - Labor Time and Difficulty Level assumes vehicle and/or hardware is in good condition.

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