JKS Quicker Disconnects XJ/ZJ/TJ

JKS Quicker Disconnects XJ/ZJ/TJ
    Code: 2000
    Weight: 3.00 pounds
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    • XJ 84-01 with 2"-3.5" Lift
    • ZJ 93-98 with 2"-4" Lift
    • TJ 97-06 with 0"-2" Lift

    Quicker Swaybar Disconnect Features

    • Gain 30 percent more axle articulation by disconnecting your front sway bar
    • Dramatically improve off-road performance on stock or modified Jeeps
    • Variable length design adapts to your vehicle and future modifications
    • Convenient grease fittings ensure easy bushing lubrication for smooth, silent operation
    • Stainless tapered mounting posts and self-align bushings allow you to connect or disconnect on unlevel surfaces
    • Spherical bushings provide unrestricted 360 degrees of rotation and 11 degrees of misalignment capability
    • Costs far less than lockers, tires, lift kits, and other accessories with comparable performance benefits

    Notes- Not compatible with aftermarket sway bars. Some vehicles may require extended front brake hoses or other modifications to compensate for additional suspension travel.