TJ Double Shear Track Bar Conversion 4-8"

TJ Double Shear Track Bar Conversion 4-8"
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    Weight: 19.00 pounds
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    Why didn't Jeep do it this way? Seriously, what were they thinking? The factory designed your TJ track bar to mountto the frame in single shear. While this isn't a huge weakpoint, it still creates quite a bind when articulating the suspension. Some aftermarket solutions have you put a biggerjoint in the same spot but still in single shear, so binding suspensionstill results! Others make you go through the work of grindingoff the large cast frame side track bar mount in order to weld on a new one.

    Our system makes it easy for anybody to upgrade to the non-binding double shear track bar that the TJ should have comewith in stock form. 3/16" plate steel material is used throughout and even doubled in strength critical areas!Only minor drilling is required for installation.
    • Heavy Duty double shear frame bracket
    • Heavy Duty adjustable double shear track bar
    • All necessary hardware
    • Detailed installation instructions

    IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: 2.5" lift is required to use thisconversion due to the repositioning of the frame side track bar mount.