Transfer Case Clocking Drill Jig

Transfer Case Clocking Drill Jig
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    We have come up with an incredibly simple to use tool that will enable you to clock your transfer case up for unheard of ground clearance. Have you always wanted to have a truely flat belly skid? Have you passed on obstacles because your transfer case hangs too low? Have you been unfortunate enough to have cracked your transfer case open while on the trail? Do you just want better ground clearance and breakover angle? If you answered yes to any of these questions, thenclocking your transfer case up is an excellent solution. You can gain over 2 inches of clearance under the lowest part of your transfer case without modifying your floor* (more if you do reshape the floor)!! In most applications, that is enough to tuck the case above the bottom of the frame and enable you to use a flat belly skid!.

    The jig comes pre-assembled, so it is ready for use as soon as you take it out of the box. The locating ring makes aligning the jig to the transmission tail housing simple. The main jig is laser etched with a degree scale, so you can set it up perfectly for your planned clock.

    Think this is too hard to do or will take too long?

      Here's what's involved:
    • remove your driveshafts.
    • remove shift linkage from t-case
    • unplug electical connectors from t-case
    • unbolt and remove t-case
    • align drill jig to back of transmission housing
    • clamp drill jig in place and drill new pilot holes
    • remove the drill jig and redrill the pilot holes to the end size
    • reinstall t-case using the new holes
    • plug in electrical connectors
    • reinstall shift linkage
    • reinstall driveshafts
    The entire process takes about 3 hours, start to finish! If you have been contemplating this mod, this is THE tool for the job. NO complicated measuring required.

    Please verify that your transmission can be redrilled before purchasing this product.

    *As tested on an 1998 Cherokee.
      Transmissions that have been verified:
    • AW4
    • Cherokee AX15
    Email Usif you find another transmission the jig works with!

    Want to see how it works?
    Transfer Case removed
    Clocking Jig clamped in place
    Using Clocking Jig to drill pilot holes
    Clocking Jig removed, showing pilot holes next to original holes
    Drilling final hole size through pilot holes
    Final holes next to original holes
    Transfer case reinstalled in the new holes

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