WJ 6.5" Front Coil Spring (pair)

WJ 6.5" Front Coil Spring (pair)
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    Weight: 30.00 pounds
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    Our springs were designed with an increase in spring rate over OEM depending on the lift height and vehicle application. This increase improves both on and off road handling with your new higher center of gravity. It also improves your load carrying capacity and/or ability to add heavier accessories without excessive compression of your suspension. These are made with the highest quality materials and processes. Each spring is powdercoated with a thick semigloss black for a durable and attractive finish. You'll never have to fear of sagging or squatting because all our springs have been "preset" to their respective height. Not that you'll ever need it, but each spring is guaranteed under our lifetime warranty never to lose more than 5% of its original free length! (Price is per pair)