WJ A Arm Flex Joint

WJ A Arm Flex Joint
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    Weight: 1.00 pounds
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    How long have you wanted a flex joint in your Iron Rock A-Arm? Today's long travel suspension systems put immense side loads and rotational torque on bushings which inevitably leads to wear. Traditional rubber or poly bushings are great in those applications, but you need something that will hold up to the abuse you put your Jeep through.

    A ball-in-socket type flex joint is the solution that lasts and takes the stress off your A-Arm. These Flex Joints have held up extremely well in testing and have solved every problematic bushing application we have encountered. They are extremely rigid while still allowing the necessary misalignment. You can be certain they will solve any A-Arm bushing related issues you have.

    Six grade 9 (170,000 psi) bolts hold this joint securely in place within your A-Arm. No special tools or skill is required to install these either! Only drilling required is to add the zerk fitting. Anyone can do it right in their driveway.

    • Outside Diameter: 2 3/8" (fits in existing IRO A- Arm)
    • Width: 2.8"
    • Bolt Size: 12mm
    • Race Material: UHMW
    • Misalignment: +/- 20 degrees