WJ Lower Front Coil Spring Retainers (Hardware Kit #39)

WJ Lower Front Coil Spring Retainers (Hardware Kit #39)
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    With the way our customers are hitting the trails more and more with their WJ's we have been getting lots of requests for a coil spring retainer for the lower spring mount on the front axle. For some reason the engineers at Chrysler didn't think we would be wheeling the WJ like we do (ok we don't know this for sure), but XJ's and ZJ's had them. WJ's are very capable solid axle wheelers! This simple omission by the factory has caused many springs to come un seated on the trail. This can potentially be dangerous in several ways.
    1. You're spring can become a projectile when not seated
    2. Off camber situations can become particularly hazardous when a spring unexpectedly pops out of place. This makes a threat of rollover much higher.
    3. If a coil drops out on the trail in the wrong place and gets lost (buried in mud for example), you're not going to drive home.
    These hypothetical situations can be eliminated before they happen with our simple coil spring retainers. We have had the upper coil spring retainers on the market for a long time now and they work so well to keep the top side of the spring in place that the lower needed some help too.

    Simple, yet very effective in keeping the spring to stay where it belongs throughout the suspension cycle.

    Kit Includes:
    • Pair of lower coil spring retainers
    • Mounting hardware
    • Installation instructions