XJ Ford 8.8 Swap Boxed Truss

XJ Ford 8.8 Swap Boxed Truss
    Code: 10472
    Weight: 20.00 pounds
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    Want the ultimate strength upgrade you can find for your Ford 8.8 housing? Look no further than our new over axle boxed truss. This unit will provide all the structural support you'll ever need! The truss is designed to prevent your Ford 8.8 from bending under severe load while off roading.With the new truss installed, you'll also gain raised bump stop pads on the axle.

    Precision laser cut from 3/16" steel plate and CNC formed to be a perfect fit on top of your Ford 8.8. We recommend at least 2.5" of lift over stock height in the rear to accommodate the new truss.