What is a Body Lift Kit vs. Suspension Lift?

The distinction between a body lift and a suspension lift is evidenced in their names. When a suspension lift is used to lift the vehicle, the suspension is changed and lifted a pre-set amount determined by the lift kit manufacturer. Many suspension lift kits include a certain amount of lift height adjustability to help obtain the intended vehicle position. A body lift height lifts the body a set amount above the frame – it is not adjustable. At Iron Rock Off Road, we offer an extensive selection of off-road vehicle parts and accessories, including the Jeep JKU lift kit and others.

Advantages of a Body Lift Over a Suspension Lift

Some of the advantages of body lifts over suspension lifts are as follows. Body lifts include longer bolts, spacers, and some other brackets. They’re usually less expensive and less complex than the majority of suspension lift kits. With body lifts, the original springs, shocks, and other suspension parts are preserved. This allows the use of larger tires without making any significant changes to the factory components of your Jeep.

Body lifts are ideal for 4x4s driven on the street since the ride is not changed. A body lift is an excellent option when you only need a small amount of additional tire clearance with a 1 or 2 inch lift.

When to Choose a Suspension Lift Over a Body Lift

When off-road performance is of primary importance, a suspension lift is a better option than a body lift. With a suspension lift, such as a JK lift kit, you have more room to install larger tires. In addition, suspension lifts provide for greater ground clearance under the frame.

Suspension lift kits often come with heavy-duty shocks that are configured to restrain the motion of larger diameter and heavier tires. When the vehicle is driven aggressively, these shocks provide more stability in a firmer ride than standard shocks when operating the vehicle on- or off-road.

Many suspension lift kits are chosen because of the performance benefits they provide – many of them increase wheel travel. This is advantageous due to the increase in suspension articulation that is available on 4x4s on winding trails. It also provides for a smoother ride over rough, dirt surfaces. Heavy-duty springs often come with the suspension lift kits and provide greater load carrying capacity that reduces sagging in the suspension of the vehicle is hauling a trailer or carrying camping gear.

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