What Tires Can I Fit Once I Install My JT Lift Kit?

If you are like many 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT owners, you may be eagerly anticipating the installation of larger tires on your vehicle with help from a JT lift kit. The Gladiator comes with wheel wells that appear as if they can accept much larger tires than the stock tires supplied with the vehicle.

At Iron Rock Off Road, we offer lift kits that can help you significantly upgrade the tire size on your new Jeep Gladiator.

You can equip a Gladiator JT jeep with 33-inch, 35-inch, 37-inch, and 40-inch tires.

33-inch Tires

If you want tires that are nearly 33 inches in diameter, factory JT Rubicon 285.70R17 tires fit the bill. These tires, which have a width of about 11.5 inches may be used on Overland and Sport models with their 17x17.5 factory wheels. These tires are a little narrower than a standard 33x12.5 flotation sized tire. With the Gladiator Sport models, you can use the Max Tow package to add wheel and tire combinations that are slightly wider.

35-inch Tires

The Gladiator Rubicon can also accept the demands of 35-inch tires, including a 35x12.5 flotation tire that provide an ideal fit to the Gladiator Rubicon stock suspension. It only produces minimal ribbing when driven normally on a standard roadway. If you want to drive your Gladiator off-road, you will want to use a 1-to-2-inch JT lift kit.

37-inch Tires

You can outfit a Gladiator Rubicon with 37-inch tires with the use of a 2- or 3-inch lift kit. This will take the axle assemblies to their maximum operational limit. It is also important to properly place bump stocks when adding 37-inch tires.

40-inch Tires

Adding 40-inch tires is going to require the use of a 5- or 6-inch lift with raised fender flares and properly position bump stocks. If you choose the 40-inch tire route, you will have to build the Jeep around the tires rather than make the tires fit the Jeep. It is possible to use shorter lifts, but you may have to adjust/cut the fender openings to provide proper tire clearance at maximum suspension compression. You may also have to adjust the location of the bump stop.

For information about the JT lift kit options we offer for the Gladiator Jeep, enabling you to upgrade your vehicle’s tire size, call us today at 952.210.7185 or leave us a message through our contact form.