Why Choose a JK Long Arm Kit?

Jeeps are highly versatile vehicles capable of traversing some of the toughest terrains. They are built with parts that provide the necessary handling and durability to endure a beating time and time again. However, this ability can be strengthened and enhanced with the addition of a JK long arm kit. At Iron Rock Off Road, we offer JK long arm kit products to help you enhance the handling and performance capabilities of your Jeep Wrangler JK.

JK Long Arm Kit and Ground Clearance

Jeeps must have sufficient ground clearance and the proper tires to make it through challenging obstacles such as rocky, muddy, and wet terrain. With this clearance, you may tear up or otherwise damage your Jeep’s undercarriage on sharp rocks and rocky ledges. A JK long arm kit helps provide this clearance. Proper clearance will also keep the engine from flooding when you’re traveling through wet terrain such as streams or shallow sections of a river. A Jeep that sits higher than normal above the ground also commands attention. It provides a unique visual appearance either on the highway or during off-roading adventures.

Other JK Long Arm Kit Features and Benefits

JK long arm suspension systems are more expensive than short arm systems, but many Jeep enthusiasts still use them for the benefits they provide. These lifts do utilize longer control arms that connect on the vehicle further back and occupy more space to reduce the overall angle of the arms, resulting in a smoother ride compared to that provided by short arm lift kits.

If you are looking for big lifts of 4 inches or greater for your JK Wrangler Jeep, then a JK long arm kit will give you what you need. They do require the removal of the factory Jeep control brackets in order to allow the welding of new brackets. They also require the removal of various driveline and suspension parts for new ones to be installed. These requirements make long arm kits more challenging to install than short arm kits. An experienced professional in 4x4 shop welding, fabrication and installation can handle this work properly.

One drawback of long arm lift kits is that they do have a tendency to catch on rocks underneath the Jeep as it traverses rocky obstacles while crawling due to the fact that they are suspended further down than short arm lift kits.

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