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JK Wheel Spacers

Off roaders are - rightly - determined to make their vehicle fit to drive on any terrain safely and efficiently. In the process of modifying a JK from its stock form, wheels and tires are often one of the deciding factors. Should I run 35s or 37s? Keep the stock wheels or go aftermarket? In this discussion JK Wheel Spacers often come up as a great option.

Benefits of Wrangler JK Wheel Spacers

By fitting wheel spacers on Jeep Wrangler JK vehicles, it is possible to give a wider stance, or track width. The advantage you have given yourself with a wider stance is a lower center of gravity. This improves stability on and off road, especially in a lifted JK. Another benefit of wheel spacers is being able to continue to use your factory wheels. Aftermarket wheels can be very expensive. JK Wheel spacers, on the other hand, are not expensive. Are your tires rubbing on your control arms or your frame? Add wheel spacers to give the best clearance and stop that rub!! They are easy to install, and make a big difference right away.

Go Beyond Boundaries

Jeeps have proven over time that they’re one of the most enjoyable ways of getting from A to B. When you take them off road, the challenge is in how well the vehicle gets between C, D and E too. To ensure that you can get around no matter what the conditions, it is worth contacting Iron Rock Off Road. Give us a call on 952-210-7185 or 877-919-5337, or email at for any information you might need.