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CODE: 13759 JK ROCK-LINK X Flat Belly Long Arm Upgrade

JK ROCK-LINK X Flat Belly Long Arm Upgrade
Purchase JK ROCK-LINK X Flat Belly Long Arm Upgrade
  • CODE: 13759 JK ROCK-LINK X Flat Belly Long Arm Upgrade

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          When you will settle for nothing but the best, you need the ROCK-LINK X (RLX)

          Iron Rock Off Road's RLX system delivers clearance, flexibility, strength, engineered perfection, and maybe best of all, confidence.

          Let's Talk Clearance:
          Who doesn't get excited for a flat belly skid? How about one that flush mounts to the frame, for the ultimate in breakover. Finally, you can be free of dragging  your JK like a sack of potatos over everything.    What's better than having a flat belly skid? The answer is, not dragging your JK over everything, because nothing hangs below the frame. Gaining 3” under the entire middle of your Jeep…now that's a real game changer.

          All suspension links bolt to the front and rear chassis subframes above the bottom of the frame. This design is critical to the performance of a flat belly system because it creates little to no transition or "hang-up" if you find yourself having to drag your JK over an obstacle. Once again, the RLX system delivers measurable clearance gains with the added benefit of smooth transitions between suspension and chassis, so you can avoid becoming one with the obstacle.

          This system even addresses the low hanging fruit all JK owners hate: Stock JK axle side lower control arm and shock mounts that are too low. If you have wheeled on any difficult terrain, you likely have hit them repeatedly. The RLX once again upgrades your clearance by including control arm mounts that move the links up to flush with the bottom of the axle tube, and new high clearance heavy-duty shock mounts.

          Let's Talk Flexibility:
          First and foremost, you're not limited to any style or type of spring/shock setup. Maybe you prefer old school simplicity with coil springs and shocks. Or maybe you're ready to build a KOH contender using desert tuned coil-overs with triple bypass shocks because you know yourself well enough to plan for some hangtime. At either end of the spectrum and virtually anywhere in between, the RLX gives you the flexibility to choose.

          Next, we can't enter a conversation about flexibility without the mention of how the RLX articulates. The system utilizes a 3-link front for unrestricted flexibility, and a double triangulated 4 link long arm rear. Both the front and rear link systems have the capability to allow your preferred shock configuration to expand and collapse through their complete travel range. All of this travel is delivered through arms that are more than 2 times the length of your stock arms. More articulation keeps your tires planted on the ground, delivering traction in the most difficult terrain.

          Finally, we know Jeeps and Jeep people. We know your JK is your toy, your baby, your passion. You have a vision of your build plans. We know as well as anyone, plans can, and will change. The RLX system was designed to be flexible with your plans. Massive adjusters in the links give you nearly endless options for axle swaps, positioning, and even wheelbase stretches. Install it with your factory axles now, and bolt in stronger axles later. You need options in your life. It's in a Jeep owner's blood. You need the RLX.

          Let's Talk Strength:
          The RLX system utilizes heavy wall D.O.M. steel tubing for all 7 links. The front and rear subframes, as well as the full belly skid utilize 100XF high strength steel. With this amazing material we can apply a thinner material (weight savings) and still have at least 2x the tensile strength of traditional mild steel.

          We can't forget to mention that high strength steel has a lower coefficient of friction to obstacles like sharp rocks, when compared to softer materials like aluminum and even mild steel. This is important to you because in real life, unexpected things can happen. You may have a rock roll under your belly unexpectedly. With its "slippery" surface, the 100XF gives you a higher probability of self-recovery by simply driving or backing out. Materials like aluminum, with their softer properties, can have a higher tendency for the obstacle to "dig in" to the material, creating more friction. More friction = more chance of getting stuck. The RLX uses 100XF to provide a high strength to weight ratio with the added benefit of making it easier for your JK to slide off of those unexpected belly hang-ups.

          The RLX is a proven system. This system has been tested under the rigors of the Ultra4 King of the Hammers race, where punishment is an understatement. Handling the outright abuse that the Hammers dish out is a feat in and of itself. To accomplish that and come out unscathed was exactly our goal with this system. If you want the ability to survive the ruthlessness of Ultra4 competition, let the strength of the RLX inspire you.

          Let’s Talk Engineered Perfection:
          After hundreds of hours of design and testing by our team of engineers, we perfected the geometry and maximized the ground clearance of every component. Immense research went into finding the exact center of gravity (COG) of a lifted 4 door Jeep JK. Using that COG data, our team of engineers set out to develop a rear 4 link with ideal anti-squat, a front 3 link with perfect anti-dive, and a higher roll center for dauntless cornering. Using 3-dimensional computer modeling we were able to assemble, flex, and stress test each part of this complete suspension system digitally before proving it at the Johnson Valley Hammers. The RLX is perfection, because that’s what it was engineered to be.

          Let's Talk Confidence:
          There isn't much worse than having to quit. This system incorporates the best of IRO's design and engineering to give you the ability to tackle the worst that mother nature has to offer. When you remove doubt, new lines emerge. When you take away fear, you can hit the trail harder. When you eliminate uncertainty, because your JK is RLX Equipped, it's easy to accept bigger challenges. The RLX delivers confidence inspiring performance so you never have to quit and instead, can proceed with confidence.

          Kit Includes
          • Long arms - 2" x 5/16" wall DOM
          • Heavy duty crossmembers
          • Belly skid plate - 3/16" 100XF Steel
          • Heavy duty rear 4-link axle truss
          • Full custom exhaust
          • All necessary hardware
          • Installation instructions
          • Extremely high clearance belly
          • 3 piece front crossmember
          • Triangulated rear 4-link
          • Proprietary high-misalignment flex joints

          NOTES:  Gas tank relocation required (not included).  Small amout of tub clearancing may be required.  This is an extremely high level performing kit that requires an extremely high level of installation capabilities, professional installation is highly recommended.  Cutting, grinding, drilling, and welding required. Technical support on installation will be limited due to level modification required.  

          Estimated Installation Time: 35-40hrs

          Difficulty Level: 4

          Difficulty Legend

          1 - Kit includes basic components.

          2 - Kit includes little to no adjustable components.

          3 - Kit includes many adjustable components; may require drilling/cutting.

          4 - Kit includes many adjustable components; requires welding; may require drilling/cutting.

          NOTE - Labor Time and Difficulty Level assumes vehicle and/or hardware is in good condition.  Does not include time for gas tank relocation.

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