IRO High Speed Tire Deflators

IRO High Speed Tire Deflators
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    Airing down has never been easier! Why air down? Letting air out of your tires is a great way to gain traction in off road situations. It increases the tire's footprint on the surface for traction, but also has the added benefit of softening the ride on harsh bumpy terrain.

    • STEP 1: Park in an area you can easily walk around your vehicle.
    • STEP 2: Grab your IRO High Speed Deflators and your favorite pressure gauge
    • STEP 3: Install the deflators onto your valve stems one at a time as you walk around your vehicle
    • STEP 4: Monitor the pressure on the first tire deflator (your gauge works on the deflator itself without removing it!!)
    • STEP 5: When the desired pressure is reached, unscrew the deflators, starting with the first one you installed walking the same direction that you installed them
    • STEP 6: Double check the air pressure on all 4 tires and adjust as necessary to equalize them

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