LJ 6" Rock-Link PRO Long Arm Kit

LJ 6"  Rock-Link PRO Long Arm Kit
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    Weight: 150.00 pounds
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              Engineered from the ground up to go Beyond Boundries…..

              We incorporated some twisted IRO ideas with some conventional suspension design logic and came up with the TJ Premium Long Arm Kit. Where others are lacking, IRO has stepped up and delivered a feature packed, precise performing system.

              • Fully Adjustable 3 Link Front - The only limit to your non-binding suspension setup will be the length of your shocks. All 3 links are independently adjustable allowing an infinite range of axle positions.
              • Adjustable Double Shear Front Track Bar - This unique and carefully designed feature works with your 3 link front to center your axle. Jam nut free design will never clunk.
              • LCG Compatible - The front suspension and track bar require no lift and no bump stop extensions to work! The rear requires only 3” bump stop extensions.
              • Fully Adjustable Triangulated 4 Link Rear - Doing away with the rear track bar, this system really flexes. An over axle truss is required and it is included for your choice of rear axle.
              • Extremely High Clearance Belly Skid - Go from approximately stock location all the way up to completely flat with the frame.
              • Modular Mounting System - Independent transmission mounting crossmember allows the belly skid to be easily removed while leaving the transmission/transfer case securely bolted in place. Additionally, you can remove the transmission crossmember and leave the suspension completely installed and untouched.
              • Innovative Transfer Case Linkage Bracket - The first and only system that mounts entirely to the transmission (no more body side mount to cause issues or come apart under flex).

              Expect the best when you install this system with quality, performance AND value like no other. Also included with the TJ Premium Long Arm Kit:
              • Front and Rear Coil Springs
              • 2" x 5/16" wall D.O.M. Lower Control Arms. Pure beef you expect from IRO.
              • NO JAM NUTS - All adjustable links utilize IRO's exclusive threaded clamping terminals.
              • IRO Hydro Shocks Valved Perfectly for the TJ
              • Front and Rear Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses
              • IRO Sway Bar Disconnects

              PRODUCT NOTES:
              1. It is highly recommended to use a slip yoke eliminator with this system. IRO recommends the Mega Short.
              2. 1” motor mount lift is highly recommended.
              3. Installation requires cutting grinding and welding.
              4. Requires custom exhaust. (IRO exhaust coming soon)
              5. Requires removal of rear sway bar.
              6. Ships powder coated black. Pink was for display purpose only
              Detailed Instructions

              Recommended tire size: 35"x12.50" – or metric equivalent

              Recommended wheel backspacing: 3.5"
              Larger tire sizes possible with bumper/fender trimming and/or extended bump stops.

              Estimated Installation Time: 20-24hrs - does not include rear axle swap installation time.

              Difficulty Level: 4

              Difficulty Legend

              1 - Kit includes basic components.

              2 - Kit includes little to no adjustable components.

              3 - Kit includes many adjustable components; may require drilling/cutting.

              4 - Kit includes many adjustable components; requires welding; may require drilling/cutting.

              NOTE - Labor Time and Difficulty Level assumes vehicle and/or hardware is in good condition.


              Kit Types
              Short arm kits:
              What is a short arm kit? A short arm kit is a suspension system that typically utilizes the factory mounting points on the axles and the chassis for your control arms. These types of kits can use OEM control arms, heavy duty fixed length arms, heavy duty adjustable arms, OR any combination of these options. Short arm kits are the easiest system to install and upgrade, and are very versatile. These systems are best used in 0-4.5” lift range, depending on the vehicle. From daily driving to overlanding, to light rock crawling, these kits transform your Jeep into a swiss army knife. With a low purchase price, and fantastic performance gains over stock, these are a great bang for the buck!
                FOUNDATION SERIES
              • Most affordable option
              • Huge improvement over stock suspension
              • Clearance to fit bigger tires and drive over larger obstacles
              • Has all required parts with nothing you don’t need
              • Great “foundation” to build on!! Upgrade when it fits your build timeline/budget.
              • Kit utilizes short arms (not a long arm kit)
              • Simplest installation, using basic hand tools. Minor drilling may be required.
                BENCHMARK SERIES
              • Contains all “Foundation” kit features PLUS:
              • Includes most common and value packed upgrades over the Foundation Series to remain budget friendly.
              • Easy to upgrade without purchasing duplicate parts.
              • Kit utilizes short arms (not a long arm kit)
              • Still a simple install, basic hand tools required. Minor drilling may be required.
                PREMIUM SERIES
              • Contains all “Benchmark” kit features PLUS:
              • Includes premium level features such as adjustable control arms, adjustable track bars, stainless steel braided brake hoses where applicable.
              • Highest performing short arm system
              • Kit utilizes short arms (not a long arm kit)
              • The best for mild lift height builds for all around versatility, adjustability, and durability.
              • Basic hand tools for installation. These kits usually contain several components with adjustments so we view this as a medium difficulty installation. Some minor drilling may be required.
              Long arm kits:
              What is a long arm kit? Long arm suspension systems use a chassis mounting system that allows a much longer control arm set to be installed. Why? This allows for a flatter operating angle for and more straight up and down axle movement through the suspension cycle. The benefits include an improved ride comfort than otherwise equally equipped short arm suspension, significantly reduced binding allows more articulation keeping your tires on the ground longer, meaning more traction without the use of traction aides (like limited slip or lockers). Long arm systems often have easier provisions for swapping in different axles. The ROCK-LINK kits are Iron Rock’s answer for a premium long arm system. These systems are the best choice for modern installers since the benefits are “next level” when compared to any short arm systems. These systems are best used in 3-8+” lift range, depending on the vehicle. The installation can vary from simple to difficult depending on the system or vehicle application.
              • Contains long arms in the front and short arms in the rear. This combines the premium performance benefits of a long arm system and the great value of short arms or leaf springs ;-)
              • Stronger than stock
              • Great for both high ground clearance builds as well as low center of gravity builds
              • Typically does not require exhaust modification.
              • Best for lifts above 3.5”, from daily driver to aggressive off-road driving style, including rock crawling!
              • Easy to upgrade by adding rear long arms at a later time. This allows you to build up to the ROCK-LINK PRO in stages as your budget allows.
              • Installation is usually longer than short arm kits due to the quantity of parts replaced/upgraded. Difficulty level is medium. Basic hand tools required. May require minor drilling/cutting.
                ROCK-LINK PRO
              • Includes all ROCK-LINK features but upgrades from the short arms (or leaf springs) in the rear to a long travel, long arm system.
              • Great for any and ALL builds 3.5” and up. These kits EXCEL in ride comfort with also providing maximum off-road capability.
              • Typically requires exhaust modification. Iron Rock does have exhaust kits available for many models.
              • Installation difficulty is “hard.” Typically requires welding/cutting/drilling.

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              Value 5.0
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              LJ 6 inch long arm kit
              5 out of 5
              Location: AZ
              Date: October 4, 2019
              everything fit like a glove
              Value 5
              Quality 5
              Service 5
              1 Total Reviews
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