ZJ Belly Skid

ZJ Belly Skid
    Code: 10552
    Weight: 45.00 pounds
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    Optimum protection for your transfer case without sacrificingprecious ground clearance. This premium heavy duty skid plateis built with all 1/4" steel plate, precision laser cut andCNC brake bent for a perfect fit in your ZJ. It's designedso that you can easily add it to your existing IRO front longarm subframe system, or bolt it directly to your uniframe.

    Only minor drilling is necessary for installation, NO WELDING!

    Fits any ZJ with a 242, 249, or 231 transfer case! This is theanswer to your t-case protection needs. Because it spans the underside of your jeep, it also offers superior catalyticconverter or muffler protection as well depending on how your exhaustis set up. The skid comes with several drain holes, includingeasy access to your transfer case drain plug without havingto drop the skid.

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