Control Arms

Jeep Wrangler Adjustable Control Arms

Control arms control the motion of an off-road vehicle’s suspension. With a high-performance set of Jeep Wrangler adjustable control arms we offer at Iron Rock Off Road, you can significantly increase the performance of your Jeep JL Wrangler on and off the road.

JK, JT, and JL Front/Rear Control Arms for Your Jeep

The function of control arms is to connect the Wrangler’s axle to its frame. They keep the Wrangler’s frame attached to the axles while maintaining proper alignment and tire position. Iron Rock Off Road’s selection of heavy-duty adjustable control arms give your Jeep the ability to maintain better ride quality and performance on the road, as well as have better strength, flex and clearance for the trail.

We offer an extensive selection of control arm sets to outfit your Wrangler and enhance its off-road performance. Our wide-ranging inventory includes Jeep JK, Jeep JT, and Jeep JL adjustable control arms – front, rear, upper, and lower adjustable – to deliver the results you need.

Benefits of Jeep Wrangler Control Arms

With better handling and enhanced directional stability, a new control arm kit from our selection can significantly enhance the control of your Jeep Wrangler during off-roading and hard wheeling. If you want an aggressive lift system, you need control arms that will not succumb to axle binding and will also protect your suspension system adequately from wear and tear.

A JK, JT, or JL upper & lower control arms set can provide a positive caster angle which enhances the dialing of your alignment and the straight-line navigation of your wheels. It is important to have properly adjusted control arms for your specific lift height. This will ensure safe handling and the best off road capability.

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