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Jeep JL Adjustable Control Arms

In its three years since hitting the US market, the Jeep JL has proven to be the most capable off-road vehicle off the dealer lot. Its ability to go off the beaten path is due in no small part to the refined engineering combining old school strength with new school comfort. The versatile suspension of this model is reliant on components such as control arms. Jeep JL adjustable control arms are an easy way to get even more out of your JL, something we at Iron Rock Off Road know all about.

Benefits of Jeep Adjustable Control Arms

Adjustable arms benefit you by making your suspension more versatile. Being able to compensate (adjust) your suspension makes many things possible: Make the jeep drive better on the road, fit larger tires, have better clearance off road, have better strength for on and off road. A lifted Jeep will often need an alignment, and having adjustable control arms will provide caster adjustments that many JL’s desperately need. By centering the axle, you will be able to fit those larger tires you had your eyes on!

The Best Performance Both On- And Off-Road

For the best balance across all terrains, you can’t ignore the advantages of Jeep Wrangler JL adjustable control arms; delivering impeccable smoothness when driving on the highway and allowing for a surprising amount of flex when you take things off road. The Jeep was designed to be an all-terrain vehicle, and when you come to Iron Rock Off Road for your control arms, YOU can go beyond boundaries too.

To discuss your needs and get the best ride from your Jeep JL, call us on 952-210-7185/877-919-5337 or email at, where we’ll be happy to answer any questions.