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CODE: 15763 JK 1-Ton UTK Steering Kit

JK 1-Ton UTK Steering Kit
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  • CODE: 15763 JK 1-Ton UTK Steering Kit

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        At the center of this steering kit are our new IRO 1-Ton Tie Rod Ends. We were disappointed in every 1-ton tie rod end on the market so we designed our ownWe wanted a no compromise design so we packed in all the features we could. Each tie rod end features a massive 1-ton ball stud and a thick forged housing. The ball studs are chrome plated and the forged housings are zinc plated for a lasting finish that will look good under your rig for long time. Both the drag link and tie rod will feature an anti flop joint at one end.  This joint has an internally slotted housing versus a full rotation housing which will prevent your links from making noise while going over bumpy terrain while still maintaining high misalignment for max articulation.

        Our most HD steering components are now all in one package! Leading the way is our 4130 Chromoly tie rod, heat-treated for maximum strength you can be sure this tie rod is built to take a beating. Next is our HD drag link featuring our all new IRO 1-ton tie rod ends. This drag link is flipped and paired with the raised track bar bracket. Completing the kit is the beefy raised track bar bracket flattens out the front suspension geometry for better ride quality. All together your Jeep gets a big improvement in strength AND better performance!

        1-Ton Chromoly Tie Rod

        The ultimate solution for a heavy duty tie rod is finally here! This heat-treated chromoly tie rod is 1.5" in diameter and gets paired with our 1-ton tie rod ends. Proceed with Confidence knowing you've got the highest level of strength leading way!

        Kit Features:
        • HD Chromoly tie rod
        • Extremely high quality 1-ton tie rod ends 
        • Double adjuster for easy alignment
        • Clamping bolts - NO JAM NUTS
        • Direct bolt in
        • All Necessary Hardware

        Wheel spacers or wheels with less than stock backspacing (4.5" maximum backspacing) are required.

        HD Drag Link

        The ultimate solution for a heavy duty drag link is finally here! This drag link is 1.5" in diameter and gets paired with our 1-ton tie rod ends. Proceed with Confidence knowing you've got the highest level of strength leading way!

        Kit Features:
        • 1-1/2" X 3/8" wall DOM
        • Extremely high quality 1-ton tie rod ends 
        • Anti flop
        • Can be flipped to drastically reduce bump steer (requires reaming and raised track bar mount)
        • Double adjuster for easy alignment
        • Clamping bolts - NO JAM NUTS
        • Direct bolt in
        • All Necessary Hardware


        Front Track Bar Relocation Bracket

        Our easy bolt on front track bar relocation bracket is designed to center the front axle of your lifted JK. Aside from centering the axle, it raises your roll center. Roll center is the point where the body pivots on the suspension. A higher roll center improves cornering and handling.  This bracket being 1/4" thick and it's attachment to the tube and sway bar link mount make for severe side load protection and reasurrance. The bracket is laser cut and formed for precision fitment. The kit is finished in a durable black powder coating and zinc finish for long lasting protection from corrosion.  

        • Bolt on design
        • 1/4" Steel Plate
        • Clamps to axle tube and bolts to OEM sway bar link mount 
        • Relocates sway bar link mounts
        • Requires 3 inch bumpstop 

        7 Degree Reamer

        This is a true 1 ton tapered reamer. This tool is made specifically for all 1 ton tie rod ends and matches the GM taper found on the popular ES2026, ES2027 tie rod ends. Commonly called 7 degree, it measures 7.15 degrees or 1.5 inch per foot. Use this to open up your 1/2" small taper on your XJ, TJ, ZJ, WJ, knuckles for large, 1 ton tie rod ends, or use this to ream your JK knuckle to do a drag link flip.


        • Made of High Speed Steel (HSS)
        • 7.15 degree taper (1.5 inch per foot)
        • 1/2" shank with three flats for a no slip fit in your drill or drill press
        • 1.25” long shank
        • 7/16” diameter on the small end
        • 1” diameter on the large end
        • 5 cutting flutes
        • 4-3/8” flute length

        NOTE: Use very slow RPM on your drill and use plenty of oil when using this tool. The reamer can easily be used in a hand drill, but be sure to keep the drill straight and perpendicular while drilling. Check tie rod end fitment frequently and stop reaming just before “perfect” fitment. Do not spin the reamer backwards, it will dull the cutting edges.

        Adjustable Bump Stop Extensions

        Looking to fine tune your front suspension up travel? Look no further than our adjustable bumpstops, these will be the last set you'll ever need! These will allow you to adjust from 1 to 4" in bumpstop length. In addition they will also allow you to adjust in 1/2" increments. These are interlocking stackable bumpstops made from black polyurethane. Hardware is included for all increments.

        • Front- XJ/TJ/ZJ/JK/JL/JT
        • Rear- TJ/KJ
        • Universal 3" OD

        Sold in Pairs

        How to choose the length:

        Actual lift height:
        It is very important that you do not use the manufacturers advertised lift height for any calculations. Always use a hub to fender measurement with the vehicle loaded the way it is typically used. If you usually carry tools and spare parts, have them in the vehicle when you measure. Also fuel weighs about 8lbs per gallon so measure with a full tank for bump stop purposes. Hub to fender measurement is measured from the center of the tire/wheel vertically to the bottom of the fender or fender flare. Measure on flat ground and measure all 4 corners because they always vary from side to side. Average the left and right measurements but keep the front and rear measurements separate.

        What is your goal?

        OEM up travel:
        If you just want OEM suspension up travel then extend your bump stops by your actual lift height (see hub to fender measurement procedure above).

        Extra up travel:
        If you want a little bit of extra up travel then extend your bump stops by a little less than your lift height. For example, for a 4" actual lift height extend the bump stops 3.5", or whatever you think is best for you. We think 1/2" additional up travel is great for general use.

        Maximum tire clearance:
        If you are looking for maximum tire clearance then use an RTI ramp, trail obstacle, or other method to cycle the suspension. You must have your lift kit and tire combination in place to use this method. Simply cycle your suspension to the maximum travel you want to allow (remember to cycle your steering lock to lock). Then measure from the middle of your bump stop to the bump stop pad. This is the amount to extend your bump stops. Remember to consider the worst-case scenario. For example, going downhill will push harder on the front bump stops, or as one tire droops more the other tire stuffs more even after contact with the bump stop (because of the location of the bump stops). So, you may want to add 1/2" or more to your measurement or be sure you measure using worst case scenario. We do not recommend extending bump stops more than your actual lift height (again, see hub to fender measurement procedure above).

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